Must Flea Cover Image

MUST FLEAavailable February 2017

Having been laid off from work, Lyndsey grudgingly agrees to work her grandad’s market stall at weekends until she finds something better. On her first morning, her ex-boyfriend tumbles out of a wardrobe on a nearby furniture stall with a knife in his ribs.
A knife from her grandad’s stall.
With the local police suspecting she might be the killer, Lyndsey and her old mate, Mads, set about finding who was responsible for the murder. Can they discover who the killer is before the police arrest Lyndsey … or before the killer finds them?
Must Flea is a light-hearted murder mystery based in Brentford, West London.
Blood Read Cover Image

BLOOD READ – available July 2017

Travel back in time to when Mads & Lyndsey were university students, Lyndsey’s part-time library job leads her to discover some mysterious notes threatening the library managers. When no one takes her seriously, she enlists Mads to help find who is responsible.
As managers begin to drop like Autumn leaves, Mads and Lyndsey realise they can’t be Dewey-eyed about this library assignment. But will they be able to bring the culprit to book?